Fine Artistry

29 Jun


This is a painting from a talented artist from Trinidad. Unfortunately I do not know his name to give him credit, all I know is that it’s a friend of a friend.


Guitar Pick Maker

29 Jun


Isn’t this awesome! My friend posted this and I had to share. Not sure where to buy one but if you happen to know, let me know!


Yessica’s Wedding

29 Jun


This past weekend on June 23rd. My husband and I attended the wedding of a great friend of our’s Yessica. She also happens to be the daughter of our pastors Daniel and Elsy Panitz. I had the wonderful privilege of being the maid of honor and enjoyed partaking in all of my “maid of honor” duties. Marriage is such a blessing what God brings together let no man tear apart. When you have a Christ centered marriage you reap all of the benefits of Gods special design for a marriage which is filled of many days of love, peace, joy and happiness.

Our First Trip This Year

14 Apr

Our Ministry Oasis of Eden had its first missionary trip this year back in February. It was a woman’s conference called Princesses of the Kingdom. We found the title to be fitting as we are the daughters of God, our King. I led worship and also spoke about the POWER OF WORSHIP. 

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